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Empowering Your
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Compliance Essentials

FirstAction’s Compliance Essentials Program has been specifically developed to help you meet the requirements of Australian Standard 3745:2010 Planning for Emergencies in Facilities and more importantly, save lives in the event of an emergency. Our Compliance Essentials Program covers all your emergency management requirements.


Training &




Emergency Response Procedures

Practical and compliant emergency response procedures and tools to guide your preparation and response to any type of emergency, on our online platform and using a mobile app.

Empowering Your Everyday Hero Through Training

Training & Excercises

Bi-annual face-to-face and online training and exercises to ensure you maintain compliance and continually build the capability and confidence of your staff to be emergency ready.

Evacuation Diagrams

Attractive, practical and compliant evacuation diagrams to provide visual assistance to safely evacuate people from your building or facility during emergencies.

Switch To Digital With Activate

Introducing the first mobile app and online portal designed to help coordinate warden teams, track response activities and effectively manage any type of emergency event.

Shop Safety Products

Make sure your company is equipped with gear that meets Australian Standards. From warden hats, vest, and helmets to evacuation and first-aid kits.

Empowering your people with the tools, training and products to save lives during an emergency.

FirstAction is a leading dedicated provider of Emergency Management solutions. As the trusted partner for hundreds of organisations throughout Australia, we guarantee a highly professional and practical service that provides the means to quickly and safely deal with any emergency situation, and ensure ongoing regulatory compliance. Every organisation needs an effective emergency management program to ensure the safety of building occupants during emergencies, and ongoing compliance with best practice and legislative requirements.

About Us
Proven to work

Tried and tested during real emergencies, enabling you to respond with confidence.

Best Practice

Designed for your specific environment, making ongoing compliance easy.

Saves Time

Spend less time away from your core business with flexible face-to-face and online training.

Cost Effective

One of the most cost effective programs available, delivering exceptional value.


Leverage technology to achieve faster and better outcomes before and during an emergency.

Designed With You In Mind

 FirstAction’s Compliance Essentials Program is tailor made for your specific environment, ensuring the unique requirements and complexities of your organisation are met during emergencies.





Health & Aged Care


Are you compliant?

Try our free emergency management compliance checklist to see if your organisation currently meets the requirements of Australian Standard 3745:2010 Planning for Emergencies in Facilities.

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